It all began in 2015, when I embarked on a mission to adopt a low-waste lifestyle. The first thing I reviewed were my personal care products. I looked at what I had & realized that all of it was entirely packaged in plastic & packed with ingredients I could not even attempt to pronounce. I soon realized that I was able to make my own products; using only raw & natural ingredients. I fell in love with & found solace in the process of creating.


I am proud to share what I have created while simultaneously encouraging women to dedicate time to their self-care routines, become familiar with what is in their products, & make attempts to lead a more sustainable life. I hand package all products in recyclable packaging and ship items plastic-free.


We source our beeswax from a local beekeeper & aim to use ingredients that are organic, wild harvested, fair-trade, & locally sourced. We strive to find ingredients packaged in minimal plastic waste. Ingredients that we cannot obtain plastic-free, I ensure are reused & recycled!


                                                                                  with love,

                                                                                  vanessa ♡

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