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Chai Body Scrub


ideal use after a stressful day, allowing for a calming & warming sensation to overtake you.

it is like wrapping yourself in warm blanket.

it is an exfoliating & moisturizing body scrub with the bonus of warm & spicy scents!


    how to use :

    apply while to wet skin after you have washed and rub in  circular motions.

    take your time in the process & focus on areas you want to smooth & soften. rinse & watch the water glide of you.

    imagine those droplets to be any trouble you carrying & allow to go down the drain.

    simply pat dry after rinsing & you're good to go!


    discontinue use if irritation occurs.


    size- 5 oz

    ingredients: cane sugar, organic demara sugar, safflower oil, vanilla absolute blend, organic cinnamon leaf extract, ginger essential oil, organic unrefined shea butter, and organic sweet almond oil


    ♡ this product is packaged in a reusable/recyclable glass bottle. 

    ♡100% plant ingredients


    we cannot accept returns for open and used goods. unless damaged; if returning damaged goods. please provide photos of damage for a full refund.