Going green..

May 9, 2018

One night my boyfriend and I were laying scrolling through Netflix looking for something to watch. We finally decided on watching the original Netflix documentary A Plastic Ocean. We were stunned and appalled by what we saw. Once the documentary ended, we immediately made a vow to reduce our waste.


At first we were all-in at attempting to adapt to the zero-waste lifestyle. We have had, and continue to have hiccups in being totally zero-waste. I actually do not like the term because it applies a lot of pressure to those who may be interested in making the transition themselves. So we decided to take a step back and reevaluate how we were going to do this. We watched a few more documentaries and read some book to gain better insight on just how to transition to this lifestyle.


Adapting to a completely zero-waste living in an urban city in particular has proven to be tricky, but not impossible. There are not many resources readily available in this area. It is predominately bodegas and chain dollar stores which are known to be full of plastics (we'll touch on environmental racism in another post). So it usually requires a trip outside of the city, but there are countless ways that you can still make an impact. It does not require you to have a mason jar full of trash or being a vegan. Although those are very impactful ways to make make an environmental difference. You should not feel intimidated in your attempts at being more sustainable. There are simple changes you can make in your daily life that reduce your waste. Below are some examples of the small changes you can make:

  1. It really helps to keep a reusable bag in your car. this way you can have it on hand for the last minute trips to the store.

  2. You don't need to purchase a $32 16oz Kleen Kanteen to be sustainable. Places like Marshalls or HomeGoods always have reusable flask for very reasonable prices.

  3. Many coffee shops offer a "BYO" discount. it is just a few cents, but it is an added incentive.

  4. Stainless steel containers are ideal and next on my "wishlist", but in the meantime I use old plastic containers that I have at home, but don't like to use them too often because of leeching. The thrift shops often steel containers, or the army supply, or good ol' HomeGoods.

  5. There are bamboo sets that you can purchase and they are ideal for avoiding single-use plastic. I unfortunately broke one piece to my set and lost the rest. So I opt to wrap silverware from home in a cotton cloth and I keep a set at my workplace. If I do not have a set on hand - I opt for a meal that doesn't require utensils

  6.  Why? just why are my oranges protective peel removed, discarded, and then placed into a plastic container. I usually toss my produce directly into my reusable bag if I forgot to bring my produce bag.

  7. Whats the hurry? Take your time, pull up a chair and dine-in. I have learned that sometimes my meals in-house are quicker compared to waiting for my to-go order

  8. I like to collect glass jars that I purchase my sauces or drinks in and then reuse them to store leftovers or dry goods in! Up-cycle as often as possible!

  9.  You'll feel a wave of positivity come over you and you'll want to sure these easy and cost efficient tips with everyone...spread de green vibes 

    This community is about spreading awareness and encouraging others to take a look within. Inclusion is important if you are looking to a difference in the world. It takes all a village.

         ...until next time

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